Adominal wall rescontruction


The accumulation of fat in abdomen and waist areas are really difficult to remove by normal diet or exercise plans. At women, excessive fat tissues often locates at lower abdomen, waist and thighs while at men, they mainly locates at upper abdomen and waist. Along with abdominal excessive fat, women also affected by pregnancy and scars that cause the abdominal muscles to loose its tightness and create excessive skin in upper and lower abdomen

The abdominal wall construction surgery will bring you the double results: to help you loose your belly fat and to remove excessive skin at abdomen. With team of doctors who are rich in experience, Thao Dien International will apply the most updated abdominal wall construction in the world to help you get the tight waist without causing any harm for your health.



Abdominal wall construction surgery is the perfect solution to minimize reduce your waist and tighten your abdominal skin. A surgeon will remove bad skins (saggy, scar or cracking) and pulling up your smooth skin to tighten your abdominal muscles, correcting your abdominal distension, abdominal muscles and remove fat and excessive skin.

At Thao Dien International hospital, the method of abdominal wall construction is done followed by an international standard procedure with modern equipment and we committed to bring customers the best results. Our services are currently receiving many compliments from our customers.


    1. General anesthesia and local - spinal anesthesia

    2. Remove excessive skin at abdomen, thigh, waist, hip

    3. Remove excessive saggy skins. A doctor can separate this step into 2 surgeries depending on excessive fat tissues of each person:

    • Min abdominal wall construction: for people who have less excessive saggy skin. The incision will be placed under lower abdominal under caesarean section.
    • Full abdominal wall construction: for people who have massive excessive fat and saggy stretchy skin.

    4. Remove the entire saggy and stretchy skins at lower abdomen to create the best tension, then re-constructure the belly buttion.

    Reshaping front abdominal muscles to create waists and fix abdominal wall.



1. Direct consultation with doctor

-Our doctor will consult you about the technique that is suitable for your condition.

2. Pre-surgery medical checkup

- After agreeing with surgical technique recommended by the doctor, you will undergo through a medical check up program to make sure you are healthy.

3. Surgical area mapping

- Our doctor will visit for another consultation, measure and map the surgical area of customer.

4. Anesthesia.

5. Surgery.

Important notes

  • Do not wet your surgical wound and bandage.
  • Changing bandage every 3 days, stitches will be removed 10 days after surgery. After removing stitches, you can clean your wound gently.
  • Strictly taking medicine and following doctor’s orders.
  • Do not do heavy exercises such as tennis, badminton, cardio… you can do jogging within 2-3 first months.
  • Wearing compression garment for at least 1 month.



Will wall construction leave any keloid?

- Depending on each person condition, with people who are easily to have keloid scar, there may be chance that you will have keloid scar after surgery. But currently at Thao Dien International Hospital, we will applied the most updated surgical methods to make sure that there is least chance of keloid scar. In case you have keloid scar, 3 months after surgery you can come back so that doctor can check and applied scar removal methods such as injection or cutting off the scar.


Can we combine wall construction surgery and liposution?

- The combination of wall construction and liposuction will bring customers the better outcomes. Besides, liposuction can be applied in many other areas within 1 surgery such as thigh, back, arms.


Is this surgery harmful?

- This is the kind of surgery that needs to be done by a knowledge experienced doctor at trustful hospital with good anesthesia system, sterile conditions.


Is this surgery dangerous?

- Customers can still give birth 3-4 years after surgery. However, doctor advises you to do wall construction surgery only when you decide to stop giving birth.

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