Body contouring with Cavijet



Reducing excessive fat on abdomial, arms and thighs is a dream of most women because the limitation of exercise time, worriness of surgery and fear of pain. Understanding this matter, Thảo Điền International Hospital has invested an American’s leading body slimming technology in order to help our women archive their body goal, tonning body muscal and stop being afraid of gaining weights. It is Cavijet Technology.

What is Cavijet technology?

Cavijet is the latest tecnology that helps toning, slimming the body with a combination of RF (Radio Frequency) wavelength and Ultrasound wavelength. This is the perfect combination to focus on lipolysising treated areas.

How does Cavijet machine work?

Previous generation of body slimming machines normally has only the physical effect on the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin; so there is actually no function of breaking tight connections between fat cells lying at the deeper layer of the skin. To overcome this disadvantage, Cavijet technology with RF wave and ultrasound wave will hit hypodermis area where stubborn fat cells locate dirrectly, liquefy them while stimulating the development of collagen fibers to tighten the skin, increase blood circulation and reduce body size as quick as possible.

Single RF wave will break cellulite sheaths which lie in areas such as lower abdomen, buttock, thighs, biceps, and shoulders without damaging any other area.

Ultrasound wave will continue to work on tge fat layer under skin to increase blood circulation, body metabolism, and to lypolysis faster… to slim down, tone the body and activate connective tissues connect to lymphatic drainage system to dischage the residue out of the body.

The combination between RF and ultrasound energy will cause the election move faster, destroy more fat cells and detox fat excretion quicker. Cavijet technology promises to give you back your ideal body measurement and your smooth toned skin.

Who is suibtale for this treatment?

  • Cavijet technology is suitable for everyone who has exccessive fat; who want to remove fat at abdomen, hip, biceps, shoulders and who want to tone the body.
  • Effectively in removing exccessive fat and tonning the body for mothers after birth giving.
  • Suitable for who want to have a balance toned body.

Treatment time

  • For best possible result, customer is advised to use Cavijet treatment 6-10 times.
  • 1 time per week.
  • The treating time depends on body area, estimated around 40-60 minutes.

Do I need to rest after a treatment?

  • Cavijet technology is painless without any bleeding, so you can go back to your normaly life immediately.
  • Customer should drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses a day) to enhance the excretion process, help push fat cells out of the body quicker and improve treatment efficiency.
  • During the treatment time, customer is advise to have a suitable healthy diet and exercise plans (reduce carbonhydrates, fat and sugar…)