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A plump bouncy pair of breasts is always the most attraction to men. According to HealthDay New’s latest research of Brazil, 80% of men will pay attention to hot seductive pair of breasts within first few seconds, apart from pretty face and fit body. Therefore, breast implant is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries researched and done by most professional doctors.

Breast implant first appeared in The United States around 40 years ago and currently it is one of the most common surgeries with nearly 2 millions users all over the world. Breast implant has been applied from Western to Asia especially in South Korea.

- At Thảo Điền International Hospital

With professional and highly skilled team of doctors, hundred surgeries of endoscopic breast implant has been done. The advancement of new surgical technology allows major surgeries to be done under smallest incisions. Surgeons have clearer view of breast augmentation area through camera inserted deeper which can exaggerate breast structure. They can perform better surgical procedures; avoid lesser damages of neural tissues – blood vessels – mammary gland tissues. Therefore, the surgery is often less invasions, bleedings and unforseen complications; it also minimizes the risk of loosing feelings at areola area and brings natural bouncy look to customer.



tick MATERIAL OF IMPLANT BAG: At Thảo Điền International hospital, we only use the latest material (5th generation) which is currently using in The United State, France with strict safety procedure from world-best brands such as Eurosilicone, Allergan, Mentor… with a long-term commitment.

Implant bag includes 2 parts: bag cover and inside gel:
Bag cover
is made of silicon elastomer which creates less risk of capsular contracture. Bag cover with crystaline microtexture is often better compare to smooth microtexture
Silicon gel
is soft conhesive gel to form the bag shape and prevent future shape changes.
There are 2 shapes:
round shape and tear drop shape; different shape is suitable for different form of breast in order to bring out the best possible surgical result.
The volumn of each shape includes:
a bottom diameter and profile. There are 4 different profiles: low, medium, high and very high. Depends on breast size, skin stretching level, breast structure as well as customer’s demand, a doctor will choose a suitable implant bag.
The volumne
implant bag for Vietnamese is often from 200cc to 400cc. Currently, most brands have their lifetime warranty policy and allow a bag replacement if there is any puncture.

tick INCISIONS:There are currently 3 incisions for breast implant: armpit incision, areolar incision and crease incision.

There is no best possible incision
Depends on your body condition, doctor will advise the most suitable incision for you. The incision is often 2.5-3cm long and will fade away 3 months after a surgery.
The location for implant bag
is often under the muscle to avoid capsular contracture and maximize implant bag’s protection.

The endoscopic technology is a big advancement in surgery. It provides surgeons a clearer view of invisible body parts which normal eyes can’t see or locates at deeper place inside the body through micro camera systerm and exaggerating screen.

The endoscopic technology in breast implant has applied in Thảo Điền International Hospital for almost 5 years with the latest equipments imported from STORZ (Germany). It allows our doctors to creaste small incisions from armpit or nipple; it helps avoiding bleeding and mamma gland tissue damaging so customer will feel painless.

It allows surgeon and customers being able to pick the most suitable implant bag size. This technology is based on Crystallis software of Switzerland: surgeon will take a photo of customer case and send to Switzerland, and then the Switzerland side will send back the 3D inmitated photo within 10 minutes. The surgery results is often 95% similar to the inmitated photo.


  • Exclusive procedure at Thảo Điền International Hospital.
  • It is a very important step to reduce an after-surgery pain, avoid risk of capsular contracture creation and help scars fading faster.
  • The modern equipments from France will be used in the after care procedure such as Endermologie, Ultrasound… combine with skillfull hands of our therapists will bring you the shortest recovery time compare to other hospitals.

Breast implant surgery procedure at Thảo Điền International Hospital

1. Consultation: Our beauty consultant will give you information about breast implant surgical technique as well as necessary information such as after care procedure.

2. Direct consultation with doctor: Our doctor will consult you about the technique that is suitable for your condition.

3. Pre-surgery medical checkup: After agreeing with surgical technique recommended by the doctor, you will undergo through a medical check up program to make sure you are healthy and good for a breast implant surgery.

4. Surgical area mapping: Our doctor will visit for another consultation, measure and map the surgical area of customer.

5. Anesthesia.

6. Surgery: It normally takes around 1 hour to perform the surgery depending on the customer condition.

Important notes

- Do not wet the bandage and surgical incision.

- Change bandage every 3 days, stitches removal 7 days after surgery. After removing the stitches, you can clean up your breast carefully and gently.

- Take medicine according to doctor’s intrucstion .

- Do not play heavy exercises such as tennis, badminton, aerobics, cardio… you can walk lightly in the first 2 months.

- Do not wear bra with metal support in at least 6 months.

- Customer are advised to be pregnant 1 year after breast implant surgery.


Can I breast-feed my child when I do breast implant surgery?

You can still breast-feed your child, breast implant surgery does not affect mammary glands because at Thảo Điền International hospital, our team of doctors will place an implant bag under your chest muscles without cutting mammary glands.


Will breast implant cause breast cancer?

There is no research or scientific evidence shows that breast implant surgery causes breast cancer.Women who had breast implant surgery are free to do early cancer screening programs by consultation, breast ultrasound or breast X-ray.


Which has better shap? Round shape or tear drop shape?

Different breast shape will be suitable to different implant bag shape. Slim women with flat chest will be suitable for tear drop shape for natural look while women with big breast should choose round shape for a bouncy look.


After having baby, my breasts look saggy, will breast implant surgery help?

Breasts implant surgery will only help improving mild (first level) breast saggy condition. Women who have saggy condition from second to fourth level will need, apart from breast implant surgery, may need to undergo other surgical procedures such as breast mastopexy to improve it.


Is it possible to do breast fat grafting instead of breast implant?

In most cases, fat grafting won’t delivery the best result because with time, fat tissues will be absorbed by our body. Besides, while doing fat grafting, you will need to have a carefully frequent checkup with doctor in order to avoid the risk of ulcer or calcinate. Other filler materials such as artificial fat, silicon should not be injected into breast area.


I currently have no kid, would a tear drop breast implant make my breast saggy after pregnancy in the future?

Not at all. Because a tear drop breast implant bag is considered as an intimation of natural breast form, it will be changed with time.

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