Breast Mastopexy Surgery


Breast Mastopexy Surgery - Rebuild your beautiful breasts

One of the most common complaints from middle age women or mother is that their breasts become saggy and unbalance, they lost theirs sexy look. Therefore, many women has planned to take back their self-confidence by undergoing breast mastopexy surgery at Thảo Điền International Hospital

The goal of breast mastopexy surgery is to bring nipples and areola areas back to their original position (when you were young). Breast mastopexy surgery also helps thicken mammary glands, remove excessive skins, balance between the breasts and your body and create a better and higher shape for your breasts.

Besides, if your breasts are too small, you can combine this surgery and breast implant surgery in order to increase your breast size. In contrary, if your breasts are too big, doctor can help reducing parts of the grand.

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However, scar is unavoidable in breast mastopexy surgery. Depending on each case, there will be 3 scars, 2 or even only 1 scar.


If you have mild saggy breasts (level 1) which means our main problem is the too large areola area; when doing mastopexy surgery, there will be 1 scar around your areola area.


if you have medium saggy breasts (level 2, level 3, common cases), when doing mastopexy surgery, there will be 2 scar: 1 around areola area and 1 straight scar.

if you have saggy breasts with lots of exessive skin (from your clavicle to nipple > 23-25cm), when doing breast mastopexy surgery, there will be T shape scars with: 1 around areola area, 1 straight scar and 1 horizonal scar hidden under breast folds.

Breast mastopexy surgery procedure at Thảo Điền International Hospital

  Consultation - Our beauty consultant will give you information about breast mastopexy surgical technique as well as necessary information such as after care procedure.

  Direct consultation with doctor - Our doctor will consult you about the technique that is suitable for your condition.

  Pre-surgery medical checkup - After agreeing with surgical technique recommended by the doctor, you will undergo through a medical check up program to make sure you are healthy and good for a breast mastopexy surgery

  Surgical area mapping - Our doctor will visit for another consultation, measure and map the surgical area of customer.

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Important notes

First change bandage is after 3 days, second change bandage time is after 7 daysand stitches will be removed 10 days after surgery. After removing the stitches, you can clean up your breast carefully and gently

Take medicine according to doctor’s intrucstion.

Do not play heavy exercises such as tennis, badminton, aerobics, cardio… you can walk lightly in the first 2 months.

Customer will see the best result within 6-12 months: your breasts shape will be more bouncy. Besides, while wearing sport bra, your shape will even more define. The feeling at breasts area is unchangable.



1. Is breast mastopexy surgery safe? Breast mastopexy surgery is a safe plastic surgery procedure that can bring you beautiful results. However, the surgery requires skills and high accuracy. So, in order to avoid all unnecessary risks, customers should consult professional doctor at trustful plastic surgery center.

2. Will my breasts become saggy again after surgery? Rarely, if you won’t give birth in the future.

3. Will I loose feelings at breast areas? The feeling at breast areas is remained the same

4. Is there any chance of keloid? This depends on your body condition. Our exclusive after-care program in Thảo Điền International hospital will help you avoid keloid as much as possible. Currently, many customers have been trusted and underwent breasts mastopexy surgery at Thảo Điền International hospital. We help rebuilding confidence of our customers by bringing their beautiful bouncy breast shape back.



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