Buttock fat grafting


Buttock lift by fat grafting at Thảo Điền International hospital is the buttock lift surgery method that can help your hip look rounder sexier without the help of buttock implant bag. This method is highly recommended by plastic surgery experts in terms of resuls and safety

The American Society of Plastic surgery considered year of 2015 as “Sexy Hip Year” with around 320.000 buttock lift surgery done worldwide, 30% increased compare to year of 2014. Among the common surgeries, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is the most common one.

According to BBC, celebrities with plus size sexy hips helped spreading the trend of buttock lift surgery. Besides, women living in tropical areas with hot weather tend to wear shorts also have high demand of having sexy pair of butt.

Brazilian culture loves sexy hip with hot buttock. This actually became a topic for music and poems in 20th century. In 2011, the land of Samba started organizing a competition of Miss Bumbum to look for woman who has the most beautiful hip.

To perform Brazilian buttock lift, a surgeon will remove fat from areas such as stomach, hip, thigh… of customer; then treat by a centrifugal fat filtration system and re-inject to customer’s hip. This surgical method is quite safe especially when compare it to silicon injection which is forbidden in many countries because it can cause infection and obstruction which can lead to death.

The advantages of buttock lift by fat grafting are its safety, high effectiveness and the buttock looks firm.


- It is a surgical method that use your own body fat in stomach, thigh… to re-inject to your buttock area. This is considered as two effective way surgical method: to increase your hip size and to decrease your stomach size at the same time.

- Method: After being removed from stomach or thigh, this amount of fat will be treated by a centrifugal fat filtration system which create stem cell with high vitality and ability to regenerate and rejuvenate. The system will extract and collect fat issue with best quality (usually takes about 30% of total fat amount). For example, 2000ml stomach fat will give 600ml pure fat to inject around 300ml of each buttock side.

- These pure fat tissue will be implanted into buttock fat tissues and gluteus by endoscopic equipment to ensure the shape:

• The height of the back.

• The width of hip and buttock.

With Stem Cell technology, the survival rate of fat tissue can be up to 70%.



Bước 1: Direct consultation with doctor

- Our doctor will consult you about the technique that is suitable for your condition.

Bước 2: Pre-surgery medical checkup

- Our doctor will visit for another consultation, measure and map the surgical area of customer.

Bước 3: Anesthesia.

Bước 4: Surgery

Important notes
  • Do not wet the surgical bandage and/or surgical incision.
  • Bandage changing every 3 days, stitches removal 7 days after surgery. After stitches are removed, you can clean the wound gently.
  • Take medicine according to doctor’s instruction and advice.
  • Do not do heave exercise such as tennis, badminton, cardio, aerobic… You can walk slowly within first 2 months after surgery.
Frequently asked questions

Q1: Will buttock lift by fat grafting last a life-time?

- Part of the fat grafted to your buttock will be absorbed, the rest of the amount (around 50-70%) will last for a long time.

Q2: Is it a safe procedure?

- It is a completely safe procedure at Thảo Điền International hospital.

Q3: Should I choose butt implant or fat grafting?

- Each surgical procedure has its own advantage. Our doctor will consult and give you advice on what best for you. Nowadays, we often combine 2 methods into one surgery in order to bring you the best possible result.

– In the wish of bringing you the sexy attractive butt with suitable curves, balance hips and fix the situations of flat butt or droopy butt, our doctors have done several research and applied successfully a surgical method of buttock lift by fat grafting. This method will satisfy you by its safe beautiful result.