Chin filler injection


Every woman loves to be beautiful however many are afraid of pain and surgery. Therefore, the non surgery V-Line chin implant surgery V-Line chin implant.
Being one of the best hospitals that are quick in applying most updated technology in the world, Thảo Điền International hospital has been applying sucessfully many “hot” procedures with high quality and safety. In which, non surgery V-line chin implant is currently being trusted and chosen by thousands customers.

Who is suitable for this procedure?

Non surgery V-line chin implant is a simple, safe quick procedure that are suitable for almost everyone. Especially who want to fix those short comings:

  • Short chin.
  • People who wanna have Vline chin but don’t want to undergo surgery.
  • Applied for both male and female.
According to each customer, our doctor will consult you to use the best suitable filler and amount.

Advantage of non surgery Vline chin implant?

By using filler injecting directly into chin are, this method will help to overcome short chin situation effectively, create V-line shape and balance your facial shapes so that you are more attractive. Non surgery chin filler can help fixing most disadvantages of traditional techniques and are highly recommended in term of safely, it can minimize complications. Filler is strictly evaluated by FDA and reach CE certificate of safety, effectiveness , high compatibility with the body, no side effect. Because customers doesn’t need to undergo a surgery, only need to inject filler directly to the chin, this procedure cause no pain, no bleeding, no scar or swelling or any discomfort. It takes only 10 minutes to complete, after that, customer can go back to your daily life with a more beautiful chin. The results can depend on personal condition. Kết quả tùy thuộc vào cơ địa mỗ người Before and after Chin Filler.