Endoscopic Buttock augmentation


With women, the hip size places an important role on their daily life. A small flat butt always cause insecurity in women. The thick round butt creates attractiveness and makes women confident of their physical look. This is the reason why many women seeking for buttock lift methods hopping to change their hip size.


What is endoscopic buttock lift surgery?

Endoscopic buttock lift surgery is a high technology surgical procedure. A plastic surgeon will need to identify the exact location to place the buttock implant in buttock cavity without wasting much time. This endoscopic procedure also avoid unnecessary injury, less invasive, less pain and minimize the complications compare to old fashioned methods.

This method is originally from Brazil - the land of Canaval Fesitval with dancers who have fiery body with hot attractive hips. The endoscopic buttock lift surgery was done successfully by Doctor Raul Gonzales and have spread all over the wolrd nowadays.

Surgical method:

Buttock implant bag:

- Specially designed with oval shape for buttock only with the size from 250cc to 400cc

- Compare to breast implant bag, buttock implant bag has thicker bag cover and the gel consistency level is higher.



Steps of surgery:

- Anesthesia or spine local anesthesia

- The surgical incision is in between the buttocks and around 5cm length

- Through this incision, a surgeon will use endoscopic equipment specialized for buttock lift surgery to separate a cavity in each buttock muscles by laser equipment

- A buttock implant bag, then, will place in this cavity and be fixed

- The incision will be aestheically stitched. A few bandages will be places on


Endoscopic Buttock Lift Surgical Procedure

Step 1: Direct consultation with doctor

Our doctor will consult you about the technique that is suitable for your condition.

Step 2: Direct consultation with doctor

You will undergo through a medical check up program to make sure you are healthy and good for the surgery

Step 3: Surgical area mapping

Our doctor will visit for another consultation, measure and map the surgical area of customer.

Step 4: Anesthesia or spine local anesthesia

Step 5: Surgery

Doctors will perform the surgery Endoscopic buttock lift surgical

Important notes after surgery

In the first week after your surgery, lie on your side to avoid the pressure on buttock implant bag and surgical incision. If you lie on your back, place a pillow under your buttock and thighs. Sitting straight with a soft pillow under your butt. Your butt will swell a lot within the first 3 days after surgery, then begin to reduce the swelling depending on each cases. After 7 days, your butt may still swell a bit.

Do not wet the bandage and surgical incision.

Taking medicine follow doctor’s instruction.

Replacing bandage every 3 days, stitches removal 7 days after surgery. After removing stitches, you can clean the wound gently.

No heavy exercise such as tennis, badminton, cardio, aerobic within the first 2 months. You can walk slowly.

Wearing buttock shapping trouser for at least 1 month after surgery.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Can I sit after buttock lift surgery?

- After surgery, you can sit straight with a soft pillow underneat. Avoid any kind of heavy pressure on buttock implant bag.

Q2: After buttock lift surgery, can heavy exercises cause the breaking of buttock implant bag?

- Buttock implant bag is often gel-made with soft gel material and high durability to help the surgical result stable and last longer with 100% safety. Therefore, rest assure your buttock implant bag won’t be broken. However, in order to bring the best possible surgical result, you should avoid heavy exercises at butt area after a surgery.

Q3: Where is best address for buttock implant surgery?

- Customers are advised to come to trustful clinic with high quality equipment and skillful team of doctors for their surgery. Thảo Điền International hospital is one of the most trustful plastic surgery hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City with 5* standards. Therefore, customers coming to Thảo Điền International Hospital will receive the best treatments.

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