Face lift surgery


With time, the sign of aging in everyone is unavoidable, the sign of aging at face is the first thing people will notice and all of us want to own a beautiful youthful face that can hide our age. But starting at the age of 35 years old, the signs of aging also start appear on our face in term of wrinkles at cheek or forehead, the eyelids start to be heavier and excessive fat start to appear at neck and chin areas which erases facial contours. The main reason for those aging signs above is that the skin and the musical under neck and face skin start to loose its tension, excessive fat starts to build up under skin and connecting tissues start to be stretched and sagged.
Unwind your time, take back your youth; Thao Dien International Hospital has successfully operated thousand of face lift surgeries every years which help our customers look younger compare to their current ages and take back their confidence.



 Who will need face lift surgery? 

Men, women 35 years old and above.

People who has aging signs and crow feet.

Saggy skins cuz of aging process.


 Surgical method: 

There are 3 areas:

Forehead lift (mini face lift): A plastic surgeon will make an incision at your foreheads to lift up your cheek, eyes, nasolabial folds. This forehead lift is often applied for people from 35-40 years old. Because the incision will be well-hidden in hair lines at your foreheads so there will be no scar can be seen.

Face lift: cut off excessive saggy skin and tighten facial muscle at cheek, jaw lines, eyes. This method is the best option for people above 40 years old, it will help take back your youthful look. Even though this is a complicated surgery, a surgeon will hide the incision behind your ears and make sure that the incision is small and the scar will be blur.

Neck lift: a surgeon will incise a small line behind your ears to lift up your skin at neck area.

- The typical face lift surgery will lift up 3 areas above for the best possible results.

- Not only lifting your face, this surgery will also lift up the muscle under your skin which helps the surgical results last longer.

Fat graft under skin: this is normally done in the surgery in order to create the facial lines and skin smoothness. Original fat tissues and sterm cells also help rejuvenate and create collagen for your skin.


 Surgical procedure 

Anesthesia or local anesthesia.

Separate skin layers but endoscopic technique.

Lift up skin at face and neck areas, fat graft.

Remove excessive skin by laser knift to leave minimal scar, sew by aesthetic threats.

Compress and bandage in 24 hours.


Face lift surgery procedure at Thao Dien International Hospital

- Direct consultation with doctor

- After agreeing with surgical technique recommended by the doctor, you will undergo through a medical check up program to make sure you are healthy.

- Surgical area mapping

- Anesthesia

- Surgery

Important notes

  • Do not wet your surgical wound or bandage.
  • Stitches removal 10 days after surgery, after that you can clean your wound gently.
  • Strictly taking medicine and following doctor’s orders.

Sometimes women us are too busy with our daily life that we forget to take care and refresh ourselves. With times, our skin will loose its elasticity and brightness, the wrinkles will apprear more and more. Why don’t we just give ourselves some private times in order to take back our youth. At Thao Dien International Hospital, we will take care of your youthful beauty.

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