Face Lift with HIFU


Painless, heatless with no resting time

Nowadays, possessing a V-line glowing smooth face is no longer a hard archievement. With HIFU Technology, Thảo Điền International Hospital will help you get back your youthful look !

- With modern standard of beauty, a pretty face does not require just a bright white skin but facial skin also needs to be smooth, toned and glowing. With times, collagen layers of the skin are weakened and elastin structures start to break down that make skin aging and sagging. There are many methods to help enhancing collagen reproduction to lift up the muscle and rejuvenating the skin but the most effective way is to use HIFU technology.



- With the advantages of being painless, heatless and requiring no resting time, HIFU will be an optimal choice for 25 years old and above people.

HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) is currently a hot beauty treatment at South Korea which help rejuvenating and bring back your beauty without having surgery, it is also approved by FDA with its result is considered as good as face lift surgical treatment.


What is HIFU?

HIFU (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) uses high intensity focus ultrasound waves with 3.2 MHZ frequency to act on thousands of tiny spots at muscle layers deep in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin in order to regenerate strongly, maximizing effects of skin rejuvenation.



The heat of 60-700C will cause muscle layer under the skin to be heated up, to make loosen skin ares to be firmer, tighter., it also helps to reduce wrinkles and double chin, to stop a formation of fine lines and wrinkles, to bring back skin elasticity, to firm and tone facial skin as well as to create V-line facial shape which makes your face look smaller and younger .

Advantages of HIFU technology

Able to reach the necessary depth: A high power convergence ultrasonic wave of HIFU’s technology has an ability to penetrate skin surface into 3.0-4.5mm depth. This is where most collagen and elastin concentrate. Able to reach the best temperature of 60-70C: this is the heat level where collagen can regenerate best. Only HIFU Technology can achieve this steady temperature. Other laser technology can procedure temperature up to 1000C which is too high.

Most accurate treatment: HIFU is essentially an ultrasound wave that controls exactly where ultrasonic energy needs to be controlled. Compare to other laser technologies, HIFU help rejuvenating from inside out, helps improving internal structure of the skin to improve skin rejuvenation. Meanwhile, other laser technology only rejuvenates skin’s structure from the outside or only improve the aging signs on skin’s surface such as wrinkles, melanin changes…


Comparing with undergoing a surgery, HIFU is certified by FDA to be the skin rejuvenating technology as effective as a face lifting surgery in which a treat will be put under the skin.


Procedure of skin rejuvenating with HIFU Technology

  1. Removing your make up and cleaning your face .
  2. Removing excessive skin as well as dust, excessive oil, makeup/sunscreen products on the skin especially oily skin.
  3. Applying a thick gel to protect the skin from the heat.
  4. Starting HIFU treatment.

Chuyên viên sẽ sử dụng năng lượng và bước sóng thích hợp để làm lớp cơ dưới da nóng lên, các cơ đang bị chảy sệ sẽ co lại mô mỡ được hóa lỏng và bày tiết ra ngoài qua hệ bài tiết.



Results after HIFU Treatment:

  • Help firming the skin, tighten and reducing the pores.
  • Help rejuvenating the skin, regenerating natural collagen which helps skin look younger, softer and brightener.
  • Foreheads, nasolabial folds and crow feet wrinkles will be reduced.
  • Facial muscle will be lifted under the heat of 60-700C. Help shapping the face and removing double chin.
  • Create V-line shape for your face.
  • It is a safe procedure which cause no damage for surrounded areas.
  • No pain, no heat, no bleeding and no relaxing time needed.
* Result depends on personal condition.

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