Facial scar treatment by Laser Fractional CO2


Scar treatment – skin rejuvenating with painfess Laser Fractional CO2

After acne treatment, acne scar can be a problem for some women. How to treat ceffectively and quickly in order to bring back your soft smoothly skin? Understading this concern, Thảo Điền International Hospital has applied an effective scar treatment procedure using high technology laser.

Cause of acne scars:

Pitted scars (or acne scar) is a deep damages of folliculitis, a result of putules. This can also be a result of poor acne treatment which caused inflammation and complications. The skin area that is damaged by acne after being healed with turn into fibrious tissues which will shirnk and hollowing down, loosing its elasticity and creating pitted scars.

What is Laser Fractional CO2 treatment?

Laser Fractional CO2 is a great combination between traditional Laser CO2 and differential technology. This is considered as the most effective laser treatment for skin re-generator with a laser waivelength of 10.600mm compare to other laser treatments. This is the new level of laser treatment which bring more effective results of scar treatment in the current market.

How does Fractional CO2 work?

Fractional CO2 Laser Fractional CO2 emits laser beams that penetreat deep into skin tissues while still retaining the intact skin tissue around the treated area in order to stimulate skin cells grow quicker, to prolong collagen regeneration and fill the pitted scars.

Meanwhile the epithelial and connective tissues at treated area will be dissolved, the heat generated by the laser heat will also be evaporated. The means that all unwanted dark spots on your skill will also be removed and your skin will be whiter and brighter.

Safe procedure

  • Facial cleanse with foam.
  • Dead skin removal.
  • Dirt and acne removal.
  • Apply numb cream on the treated area for 30 mins.
  • Skin cooling and starting Fractional CO2.
  • Moisturizing and applying sun screen.

How long does it take for this scar treatment?

In general, the most effecitive scar treatment procedure will takes 3-4 times of Laser Fractional CO2 treatments and take 4-6 weeks between each treatment. However, doctor can suggest and advise the suitable treat plan for each customer with a different timeline depending on your skin condition after detailed consultation. Laser Fractional CO2 technology does not damange your healthy skin tissues so it gives good results even on sensetive areas such as neck, breast and amrs.

Advantages of Fractional CO2

  • Skin regenerating perfective.
  • No damage, no side-effect.
  • Skin rejuvenating and tightening pores.
  • Skin whitening and pigment balancing.
  • Help creating collagen and smooth look for your skin.
  • Reduce wrinkles in neck and around eyes areas.
  • Help treating post-partum stretch marks or stretch marks caused by changes in body weights.

After care notes

  • Customer can apply moisturizing cream with whitening effect to help the skin healing faster. Customers also advise to have a suitable nutrition and resting plans, avoid using tea, coffee…
  • Drink lots of water to help detoxing and help releasing laser disinterating pigments out off the body.
  • Do not expose directly to heat and sunlight, do not go to the beach after a treatment. Apply sun screen with SRF>30 frequently and apply it 30 mins before going out .