Hair removal by NEW IPL technology


New IPL technology is the most updated hair removal technology from the United States that help remove the most stubborn hairs. This technology is now being applied successfully, ensuring customer satisfaction and comfort.




What is new IPL hair removal tecnology?

New IPL technology is a technology that uses suitable wavelength light to effect and elimiate hairs in anagen stage, preventing nutrient supply to the hairs which would weaken, causing hairs loss without damaging any surrouded areas in term of structure. Being prevented and improvated after other hair removal technologies, New IPL is the most updated technology that overcomes the disadvantges of previous generations.

With cooling system (-5oC) automatically attached to hair removal windown to ensure customer’s safety. There will be no pain, no burning, redness nor any other skin damages like when you use old-fashioned technology. This is also a hair removal technology approved by FDA (USA) in term of safty and effectiveness.





New IPL hair removal procedure

In general, a whole treatment procedure will take around 4-6 times and 3-4 weeks between each treatment time depending on the hair location and customer’s current situation.



Advantages of New IPL hair removal technology

  • Completely remove hairs on treated area.
  • Support in treating hair folliculitis and help tightening the pores.
  • Reduce sweating condition on thick hair areas such as armpit, abdomen, back.
  • Help whitening skin on treated areas, removing dark sports and acnes .
  • Especially, besides cooling system attached to the equipment, there is also a quick cooling system to support customers avoiding pain, heat during the process of hair removal.



Important notes

Do not apply water, cosmetic products within 2 hours after finishing hair removal treatment.

Do not shave, wax while having New IPL hair removal treatment.