Heart Shaped Lip Filler Injection


Safe - quick - amazing result

Heart shaped lip creates an attractiveness at first signs, therefore, lots of women want to have such a beautiful pair of lip. With modern technology nowadays, creating a heart shape is not a difficult task. Understanding this matter, Thảo Điền International Hospital has a special treatment of heart shaped lip filler that can help you have your dream look without surgery.


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  • First, doctor will give you detailed consultation about the procedure, filler injection method that are suitable for yourself.
  • Second, our nurse will clean up your lip area, apply numb cream and re-clean the area.
  • Doctor will identify the injected positions on your lips to calculate the correct filler amount.
  • Lastly, doctors will slowly and gently inject filler to selected areas.
  • Who can do this treatment?

    People who has thin lip with blur lines.

    People who has dark lips.

    People whose lips have unbalance ratio.

    People whose lips have wrinkles.

    The advantages of non surgery lip filler

    1. Safe

    - The heart shape of the lips will be create by injected filler without surgery, filler will be injected directly into selected areas without any pain.

    2. Painless

    - A doctor will use specialized needle to inject filler into lips, there is no other medical equipment used in this procedure so it will be very gentle and painless.

    3. Effective and lasting time

    - Once filler is injected correctly into lips, they will take effect immediately. However, for you to feel the complete change, it takes at least 3 days. The effectiveness of this non surgery lip filler can last from 6-8 months depending on each individual condition.

    4. No resting time, no complication

    - After finishing a procedure, customers can leave immediately. Besides, fillers with hydrating granules have their own mechanisms suitable for the human body without causing any complication such as swelling of the lips, soreness or even deformity of the lips.

    After care

    • No strong impact on the lip areas such as rubbing.
    • No facial steam of cleansing your face by hot water.
    • Do not let your lips expose directly to the sun.
    • No smoking, using drunk or alcohol .

    *Results depend on personal condition"

    Before and after heart shapped lip filler injection.