Nipple reduction surgery



The harmony combination between the shapes of breasts, nipples and areola areas will create a beautiful breasts. However, not all women have such kind of ideal shape. With time, genetic factors, a process of giving birth and breast-feeding, women nipples tend to grow too big that causes insecurities for many women. Understanding this matter, Thảo Điền International hospital has successfully applied a procedure of nipple reduction surgery in order to give you back the confidence you need




Nipple is the small projection in which the mammary ducts of female mammals terminate and from which milk can be secreted. Therefore, when being pregnant and after giving birth, nipples will grow bigger. After breast feeding, the nipples will naturally reduce their sizes. However, there are some cases that after giving birth and breast feeding, the nipples are still too big and long which don’t look as beautiful as they were. In some other cases, because of genetic factors, some unmarried women may have big long nipples which causes their insecurity.



What is nipple reduction surgery?
Nipple reduction surgery is the key to reduce nipple size and reconstruct nipple shape by removing excessive skin in nipple area. Nipple reduction surgery is a small safe procedure that can be done under local anesthesia, however, it requires subtle and deep knowledge of shape reconstruction from a surgeon. This surgery will help the nipples smaller with the shape that is harmony with the breast shape.


Nipple reduction surgery procedure at Thảo Điền International Hospital


Surgery procedure at Thảo Điền International Hospital


Step 1: Consultation

Our beauty consultant will give you information about nipple reduction surgical technique as well as necessary information such as after care procedure.

Step 2: Direct consultation with doctor

Our doctor will consult you about the technique that is suitable for your condition.

Step 3: Pre-surgery medical checkup

After agreeing with surgical technique recommended by the doctor, you will undergo through a medical check up program to make sure you are healthy and good for a nipple reduction surgery.

Step 4: Surgical area mapping

Our doctor will visit for another consultation, measure and map the surgical area of customer.

Step 5: Local anesthesia.

Step 6: Surgery.


Opinions from Thảo Điền’s team of doctors on nipple reduction surgery

- Where is good to perform nipple reduction surgery? This is the most common question of many women who is looking for such kind of surgery. At Thảo Điền International Hospital, you will receive the European quality treatments. Especially with nipple reduction surgery, this is a simple quick safe procedure that help to bring back your confidence.


Advantages of nipple reduction surgery at Thảo Điền International Hospital

Minimize pain and shorten recovery time by using high technology surgical procedure.

No complications nor long term effects.

Bring back natural size and shape of your nipples.

Create the harmony between nipple, areola.

Customers can go back to their usual life immediately.

No scar.


Important notes

Stitches removal 7 days after surgery.

Avoid strong physical hit in breast area a few quick after surgery.

Avoid water and dust on breast area within 7 days.

Taking medicine according to doctor’s instruction.



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