Nipple rescontruction surgery


Inverted nipple doesn’t effect only physical look but also creates difficulties during breast-feeding time. At Thảo Điền International Hospital, nipple reconstruction surgery is a simple safe procedure that can help bring you the confidence in life. Especially, with this surgery, customers can have surgery and discharge within a few hours without any affects on mammary glands.



What is inverted nipple?

What is inverted nipple? Nipple places an important role: it is the small projection in which the mammary ducts of female mammals terminate and from which milk can be secreted. Nipple can have different size and shape.

However, at some women, after the fully growth of mammary glands, in some cases, their nipples are still hidden which creates the insecurity and difficulty in breast feeding time when they give birth. This effects directly to physicial look and also to motherhood of many women.


Illusion of inverted nipple


Advantages of nipple reconstruction surgery.

Create a beautiful pointed out nipple that has harmony look with breast and areola.

No scar leaving.

Quick, safe surgery with no complication.

Painless surgery, no effect on your daily life.

No effect on breast feeding nor motherhood opportunity.


Who are suitable for nipple reconstruction surgery?

- 18 years old and above women.

- Congenital inverted nipple cases, during adulthood or after giving birth.

- Cases of inflammation, breast tumors that cause the contraction of the mammary glands. These cases will require careful detailed consultation from doctors in order to avoid all risks.


Cause of inverted nipple?

It is caused by the tissue inside the breast, short mammary glands, the lack of connecting tissues between mammary glands. In some other cases, after giving birth, the mammary atrophy can also cause inverted nipple. In such cases, nipple reconstruction surgery is the most suitable procedure.

Nipple reconstruction surgery procedure at Thảo Điền International Hospital


- Our beauty consultant will give you information about nipple reconstruction surgical technique as well as necessary information such as after care procedure.

  Direct consultation with doctor

- Our doctor will consult you about the technique that is suitable for your condition

  Pre-surgery medical checkup

- After agreeing with surgical technique recommended by the doctor, you will undergo through a medical check up program to make sure you are healthy and good for the surgery.




  Surgical area mapping

- Our doctor will visit for another consultation, measure and map the surgical area of customer.

  Local anesthesia





- In light cases: a surgeon can sew 1-2 round thread around nipple to pull it out then fix the nipple by sewing the thread to its place, keeping it in place. This surgery leaves no scar nor side effect of mammary glands.

- Severe cases will require a surgeon to have more skills and knowledge to cut a pair of triangular skin in opposite sides of nipple, insert two skin flaps under the nipple and fix a nipple. The incision will be almost invisible.




After care method

After surgery, customers are requested to strictly follow doctor’s order and instruction such as:

Do not apply water or dush on surgical area.

Do not exercise heavily for a first few months.

Stitches removal 7 days after surgery.




Opinions from Thảo Điền’s team of doctors on nipple reconstruction surgery.

Many women worried about the surgical procedure of nipple reconstruction surgery. Our team of doctors at Thảo Điền International hospital can help to rest your mind with our treatments. Our doctors are well-trained abroad with deep knowledge and experiences, along with our modern equipments that can meet every strict regulation of 5* hospital from Ministry of Health.

Nipple reconstruction surgery is an easy surgery. Therefore, our customers will recovery quickly without having any scar or effect on breast-feeding ability. If you are having such matter and don’t know where to go, please kindly contact with us immediately for detailed consultation.


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