Nose filler injection


Owning a perfect nose shape at any angel is a wish of most women at any age. Currently, there are many methods that can give you the perfect nose shape you want without surgery. And nose filler is one of the fastest safest method that can make ur wish come true. Thảo Điền International Hospital is currently the most trustful address for nose filler procedure.


Non surgery nose filler:

- Restylane has its ingredients similar to the human body and FDA approved for its safety. This filler will be injected to suitable ares of the skin to support, fill and increase the volume of nasal area.

- Restylane is essentially hyaluronic avid which is similar to amino acides in human body. Restylane is injected into the proper area of the skin layer to support, fill and increase the volume of the supported area. Restylane products are manufactured by Q-Med company based on NASA technology in Sweden with only 1% different compare to acid amin of our own body



  • No surgery.
  • No relaxing time needed.
  • Quick process.
  • Safe and painless.
  • suitable cost.
  • Fillers used are cetified to be safe for consumers.
  • This method leaves no trace of beauty treatment. This is the new nose filler technology, but because of this advantages, there are more people choose to use it to enhance their nose shape.
  • Easy to change your nose shape in the future because fillers will be absorbed by the body within 1 year.
  • In some cases that customer’s nose had a perfect shape but slightly low and unbalancing, nose filler will be a perfect solution for you to enhance your nose. In cases that customer’s nose tip is too big, upturned with large nasal folds, customers should refer some other modern technologies at Thảo Điền International Hospital.


To know more about cost and suitable method for your nose condition, please kindly contact Thảo Điền International Hospital directly at 95/3 Thảo Điền street, Thảo Điền Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City or call our Call Center at 028. 73 00 99 22 to make your appointment.

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