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Following current trend, Sline rhinoplasty surgery has become a common thing in the society. But this surgical method requires dedication, knowledge, experience and skills from a plastic surgeon in order to perform procedures such as nasal separation, cartilage grafting that match your face and create your natural look. Thao Dien International hospital is the trustful address with modern facilities and knowledgeable skillful team of doctors that are trained about anesthesia abroad. We will be your most trusted hospital to help you creating your natural beautiful Sline shape nose you always dream of.

Asian people, especially Vietnamese, have short low upturned nose with big nose tip. Therefore Sline rhinoplasty is the perfect solution to create a natural high nose shape. Besides, Sline rhinoplasty surgery will also fix some disadvantages of old fashioned surgical method such as red shiny nose tip, hard shape, fallen out nose bridge,… This compicated surgery requires a surgeon t make a small incision in hidden area of the nose, therefore, a scar will be hidden and almost unable to be seen.

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What is Sline rhinoplasty?

Thanks to the rapid development of modern Asian plastic surgery technology (first is South Korea and Japan), the traditional rhinoplasty method has been changed. The born of new modern cartilage nasal grafting surgery (often known as Sline rhinoplasty) has helped many Asian people owning a natural beautiful nose shape. Sline rhinoplasty has many good advantages such as slim nose shape, soft S natural shape… A surgeon will restructure your nose, nose tip, nose wings and nose bridge in order to create a harmony look between your nose and your face. Besides, this is also a perfect solution to fix shiny red nose tip, hard nose shape or cases of fallen out nose bridge.

It is safe to say that this method is not only lifting up your nose but creating a whole new nose look for you according to Asian - Western Beauty Standard like Angela Baby or Fan Bing Bing…

Surgical method

  1. General anesthesia or local anesthesia.
  2. Surgery procedure

    - A doctor will use autologus cartilage (septal cartilage or ear cartilage,…) to create a natural nose tip, lift up and lengthen your nose as your desire.

    - This is the outstanding advantage that traditional rhinoplasty surgery cant have. Based on your current nose structure such as thick large squart cartilages, a plastic surgeon will combine, restructure your nose tip, nose wings to create a softer natural nose shape.

    - But in order to create your perfect look, the nose bridge shape is also important. A plastic surgeon will base on your current nose bridge to graft a cartilage itself or artificial material imported from The United State or South Korea.

    - In case of prominent nose or large nasal bones, a plastic surgeon will apply grinding method to re-sharpen your nose shape.

  3. Fix and drain .

Sline rhinoplasty procedure at Thao Dien International Hospital


- Our beauty consultant will give you information about Sline rhinoplasty surgical technique as well as necessary information such as after care procedure.

Direct consultation with doctor

- Our doctor will consult you about the technique that is suitable for your condition.

- With our 3D technology that help you forsee your future noseshape, our doctor and you will discuss about a suitable nose height.

Pre-surgery medical checkup

- After agreeing with surgical technique recommended by the doctor, you will undergo through a medical check up program to make sure you are healthy.


Surgical area mapping

- Our doctor will visit for another consultation, measure and map the surgical area of customer.



Important notes

  • Do not wet the bandage and surgical incision.
  • Only washing your hairs 1 day after ear stitches are removed and washing your hairs with care.
  • Do not touch inside your nose. You can apply nose drop if your nose is stuffy.
  • Take medicine according to doctor’s intrucstion.
  • Nose stitches will be removed 7 days after surgery.


Does Sline rhinoplasty last long?

- Sline rhinoplasty is a beauty surgical technique that uses autologus cartilage (ear cartilage, septal cartilage,…) to re-structure your nose shape so it can last long term.

When doing Sline rhinoplasty, can a doctor help fixied nasal septum defect or not?

- Possible because Sline rhinoplasty is a surgical method that can fix nose structure. Therefore, during surgical time, a doctor can help fixing a defected nasal septum.

I did have traditional rhinoplasty many years ago, can I have Sline rhinoplasty again?

- Completely possible, Sline rhinoplasty is the best method to fix cases that did traditional rhinoplasty with problems such as crooked, silicon material fallen out, nasal constriction,…

What should I do? Sline rhinoplasty or cartilage grafting?

- Depends on your nose shape and your wish, our doctor will help you choose the best suitable surgical method for you.