V-line Facial Contouring


Vline facial contouring is an optimal method to correct facial shortcomings such as square face, rectangle masculine jawline… After only 1 surgery, you will surely get a desired look you always dream of.

- Masculine square face with big jawlines are known as identical points in men. Some women do have masculine face with big jawlines but they can be less obvious as in men. People with square face is often considered as people with big personality and higer chance to have a big career or be rich in life. However, a square face will make a women look less feminine therefore, many women want to have facial contouring surgery to create a more feminine face for themselves.

How to recognize a person with square face?

- Square face is a face shape with big jawline. People has square face when the length of jaw and cheek is equal to the length of forehead. Square face can be caused by:

• The structure of jaw line and jaw angle are too big. This makes your face look disproportionate, two jawlines are big and square.

• Short jawline and short chin can also make your face look square.

- In order to change your square face, face jawline, Thao Dien International hospital has performed many Vline facial contouring surgeries that help women get their confidence with small beautiful feminine face shape.

Vline facial contouring surgical method

General anesthesia.

Indoscopic incision will be made inside your mouth, no outside scar.

Cut and sharpen jaw bones by 3D systerms of STRYKER (USA).

♥♥♥ Vline facial contouring surgical procedure at Thao Dien International Hospital ♥♥♥

Step 1: Direct consultation with doctor.

- Our doctor will consult you about the technique that is suitable for your condition.

Step 2: Pre-surgery medical checkup.

- After agreeing with surgical technique recommended by the doctor, you will undergo through a medical check up program to make sure you are healthy and good for Vline facial contouring surgery.

Step 3: Surgical area mapping.

Step 4: Our doctor carry out a surgical site drawing.

Step 5: Anesthesia.

Step 6: Surgery.

Important notes

  • No stitch removal.
  • Keep the compress bandage at your head for 10 days.
  • Keep bandage and surgical wound clean and dry.
  • Clean your wound every 2 days.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating and drinking. Do not leave food at surgical area inside your mouth within 1 month after surgery.
  • Avoid smiling and talking. Customers are advised to eat soft foods within 14 days after surgery.
  • Taking medicine and strictly follow doctor’s orders and have frequently check with doctor.
  • Have frequent check with doctor 2 weeks after surgery, your face will be less swollen after 2 weeks depending on each customer’s condition.
  • Stitches will be absorbed within 14-30 days after surgery or takes longer time depends on each customer’s condition.
With Thao Dien International Hospital, customers will be totally satisfied by our modern advanced and standard services. We are proud to bring you the beautiful perfect Vline shape you always dream of.

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